Restaurant & Lounge

Tired of the popular rustic contemporary design style, our client brought us a vision of a futuristic bar. Their feature dish is Som Tum papaya salad, prepared with a mortar and pestle. For this upscale nightclub design we created an abstract mortar vortex of som tum with giant rings that visitors walk through as they enter. The partition walls were created from hundreds of mortars brought over from Thailand.

Services Provided

  • Exterior Storefront Design
  • Permitting
  • Interior Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Art & Graphics
  • Signage
Nightclub Design by Catch Studio

We combined 300 real mortars from thailand to create the railing.

Nightclub Design by Catch Studio

The name Zapverr comes from the Thai ‘zap’ for overly, and ‘verr’ for spicy.

Nightclub Design by Catch Studio

The inside of the rings have abstract imagery of papaya salad

Nightclub Design by Catch Studio
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