Susu Bakery//Dessert with no limits

Much like an artist needs a studio and a chemist needs a laboratory, the radiant energy from the creators sparked the inspiration for the bakery shop that pushes the boundaries. In the heart of the International District in Seattle, WA this gem of a patisserie offers tantalizing morsels for the taste buds. From liquid state; beer, wine, coffee, and tea to exquisite, one of a kind, desserts.

Bakery Cafe | International District | Seattle, WA
Category > Restaurant&Bar

Services Provided

  • Permitting
  • Interior Design
  • Signage

The neighborhood just gained more international representation. With Singapore roots and Paris influences the breadth of the culture and craftsmanship is not only represented in the chef/artist but also the shop design.

Monochromatic geometry contrasted with rustic features conveys the collaboration needed to whip up masterpieces. The complexity of harmonizing the raw and precise features are much like the ingredients and recipes found here. The opportunity to create an environment to display these delicacies was an honor.  


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