Matcha Maiko //Premium Quality Matcha Dessert

The renown Matcha Maiko Cafe franchise located in downtown Seattle specializes in Matcha, or green tea desserts from soft serve ice cream to shaved iced, and many other sweet drinks. The cafe uses premium high quality Matcha from Japan and we highlighted that premium quality and their unique brand experience. The design starts with elements derived from the traditional Japanese house, with a modern twist. We used a green tea color as the primary color pop. Natural wooden material is used to create the warm feeling of a Japanese tea house.

Dessert Kiosk | Westlake Center | Seattle, WA
Category > Restaurant&Bar

Services Provided

  • Permitting
  • Storefront Design
  • Commercial Kitchen Design
  • Signage

Classic glass pendant lamp is used to brighten up the store front.  Triangle shape of the ice cream cone is also applied as part of the wall design to highlight the signage. Front wall design highlighting the door pattern from Japanese traditional house design is also doubles as a perfect backdrop for featured menu and social media photo ops with your favorite drinks and the ice cream.

The wooden molding is the unique one-with-nature materials used in Japanese house elements characterized by simple architectural lines on deep green Matcha colored wall and on the front counter.

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