A logo refresh for Seattle’s oldest golf club

Inglewood Golf Cub was established in 1919 on the north shore of Lake Washington making it one of the oldest courses in the Pacific Northwest.The focal point of the club is its clubhouse, an architectural masterpiece, it was built in 1926 in the French Provincial Style. The compelling reason to revisit the logo design came when the club decided to renovate the clubhouse.The current logo had no stylistic connection to the club’s history. The new logo had to stay true to the basic idea of the existing logo, while establishing a timeless style that would give the club a cohesive identity. The logo had to appease the traditionalists in the club while satisfying the less conservative faction.

  • brand identity

Inglewood’s brochure was part of our re-branding project which included their revised logo. We developed a foldout brochure with a full color promotional booklet, as well as space for other informational packets, as needed.

We developed a series of collateral pieces for Inglewood to expand the new brand image we created. These included: menu, gift card, score card, birthday card, and coasters.

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