Di Fiora //Sophisticated and Genuine

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, just blocks from Broadway, a sophisticated new building embodies the soul of the area, which also happens to be around the corner from our office. Watching our neighbor unfold as well as being a part of the development has been a great experience.

Modern Asian Fusion Restaurant Design | Seattle, WA
Category > Restaurant&Bar

Services Provided

  • Permitting
  • Interior Design
  • Storefront Design
  • Signage
  • Art & Graphics
  • Commercial Kitchen Design

The unique triangular shape with high ceilings is not a typical building geometry and posed a challenge for an effective layout. However, as so often happens with a challenge, rising to the occasion produces a unique and interesting result. Utilizing the long and narrow view, we were able to create monumental foreground and background areas for the bar and dining areas letting the service areas recede into the vanishing point. Layering and overlapping were key components for the depth of the design.

The restaurant owners have passionate feelings about inclusion, originality, and positivity. These attributes are embodied in the creative menu, the large scale mirrors, and live plants. The roll up windowed walls on both sides of the space, as well as the abundance of greenery within the space, create an open, park like atmosphere. This element of community interaction is one of the project’s strongest features.

We hope you enjoy the fresh new atmosphere we’ve created and find serenity for your soul and your taste buds.

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