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Colt Rod Company introduced an innovative new design for their fishing rods, hexagonal instead of round, extremely durable and high tech. The logo and packaging design needed to illustrate these points. The name Colt is a play on Colt Firearms (many fishermen are hunters as well). Colt Rod Company plans to expand into other applications besides fishing rods and the logo had to be flexible to accommodate this future expansion

  • brand identity
logo design

This packaging for Colt fishing rods continues the theme of the hexagon, the package itself is one long hexagon, with a viewing panel to see the rod inside.

packaging design
logo design

We designed a variety of print pieces expanding on the hexagonal theme, using a special diecut to create the illusion of a 3D section of rod.

rod design

We designed Colt’s initial web presence , they needed to showcase their product fast while leaving their options open for ecommerce down the road.

trade show design

We designed Colt’s trade show booth for their premier at the ICAST trade show. They wanted a design that would set them apart from the typical fishing rod manufacturer and highlight the technical nature of their product.


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