Bellevue Medical Aesthetic Center

Bellevue Medical Aesthetic Center //Medical spa for modern revival

The Bellevue Medical Aesthetic Center recently established in Bellevue, WA provides luxury aesthetic treatments in a newly renovated site. We used warm tones and marble juxtaposed with gold accents to convey rejuvenation and luxurious pampering.  The natural stone and wood provide authenticity and comfort.

Medical Design Center | Bellevue, WA
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Services Provided

  • Interior Design
  • Floor Plan Layout Design
  • Permitting
  • Branding & Identity
Medical center branding

The inspiration for the company’s branding and identity arose from natural elements, refinement, and rejuvenation. Healing is portrayed in the branding by the droplet shape which represents the luxurious and professional treatment to be found at Bellevue Medical Aesthetic Center. Natural elements are important to this design for familiarity, beauty, life and a welcoming environment.

Asthetic medical clinic interior design

The elements of cordiality and grace were used in this project as a reflection of their procedures and methods. Sharp lines and consistent materials convey cleanliness while the similar components throughout the space offer unity and vigilance.

Medical center design
medical center interior design

Careful consideration was made in regards to safety and privacy in this design. Existing windows required screening for procedures that involve personal vulnerability. The mirrors are vital for self-awareness and are important for each clinical room, however they are dangerous for any laser treatment and must be covered.

conference room restroom and break room design

Additional interior and architectural design, 3D rendering for floor plan, meeting room, consultation room, break room and restroom all following the overall concept for this project.

3D floor plan
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