We believe in holistic design solutions: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Catch Design Studio was founded in 2003. Ever since, we have been delivering superior design projects to our clients throughout Washington state and across the country. A logo, a brochure, a website, an environment, are not independent entities, but relate together to generate the overall image of a company. Our diverse set of skills allows us to provide this holistic design for our clients.

Our Name

Catch is a collaborative design firm. Think of our design process is a game of catch. An idea generated by one mind is thrown to the next which catches it, refines it, adds to it and then throws it back where it is caught and refined again. Our clients join with us in this game of catch. Our clients challenge our thinking and we in turn challenge theirs. They understand that we are valuable business partners with them for the long haul, It is through this active communication that we arrive at the right solutions.

Seattle design studio
3d interior render

We design for our clients, our designs celebrate you, each solution is unique, branding the client that we serve.

The team at Catch is diverse and broadly educated. We span three generations and two cultures. Our education in the world, and in university, ranges from fine art to cultural history, from interior architecture, graphic, and interactive design to web programming, from teaching to small business ownership. This diversity brings depth to our design solutions.

Case Studies

lighting design


This is the setting for Zapverr, an Isaan style Thai Restaurant. Zapverr, (which means very spicy in Thai) was taking over an existing traditional Thai restaurant in a funky storefront.

branding design


Nobaday hired us to develop the logo and board graphics for their new line of snowboards. They wanted designs that would hearken to the northwest and represent the seasons.

Playful MIND

The fun things inside or outside the office.

Seattle design studio
Seattle design studio

Serious DESIGN

It's a serious business
Seattle design studio
Seattle interior design studio
Seattle design studio
Seattle design studio
Seattle design studio