1. Initiate

Set Goals
• Identify user groups and profiles
• Create project team

2. Build Groundwork

• Review available content
• Determine content approval process
• Prioritize content and functionality
• Develop timeline
• Select site development resource(s)

3. Launch Project

• Conduct launch meeting
• Develop site architecture map
• Establish online work room
• Develop access and security plans
• Determine IT requirements and hosting plan

4. Prepare Content

• Determine areas for further research
• Assign authors
• Develop content update plan (if needed)
• Determine content file formating and file naming conventions

5. Design & Program

• Set editorial style guidelines
• Clarify brand as it relates to the website
• Develop interface and navigation
• Approve site interface
• Initiate programming based on sitemap

6. Develop Database

• Poplulate database with content and assets
• Program links and required functions
• Edit content and design by core team

7. Prototype and Test

• Team reviews beta site
• Users test beta site
• Make modifications as necessary
• Approve site launch

8. Launch Website

• Finalize launch plan
• Promote site launch
• Develop maintenance plan
• Assign budget for management and upgrades


All of our websites are custom designed, to match your branding and the needs of your company. We work closely with our clients at each step in the process, so that the site you get is the site that you will love.