Brand ideals are established, the research has been done, with much listening and collaboration, the visual design process begins.

Visual Brief

After establishing a thorough understanding of your company, through research, conversation, and collaboration, we assemble the visual brief.

The visual brief is a collection of images: photos, illustrations, typefaces, colors and shapes, gathered together into a collage that gets to the heart of the personality of the new brand. We present this brief, and, through the conversation that follows, the visual direction of the brand is established. We use this brief as the base line for the visual design process.

Research is a necessary foundation for meaningful brand strategy and the only way to validate preconceived impressions. Our first step to research your brand identity will be to organize and evaluate the information that is already in place. Then to develop a plan to fill in the missing pieces.

The Basic Logo Elements:

Your logo may eventually consist of all or some of these parts:

Logo: A unique symbol identifying the company or product Logotype: A unique type or lettering that spells out the name of the product or company. Combination Mark: A symbol and logotype together

The initial logo design will be developed in black and white. Black and white eliminates the distraction of color, and shows the form and balance of the logo. A logo design that works well in black and white will always look good in color.

Expansion of the Identity:

Once the initial logo design is developed and approved the identity is expanded to include the following elements:

Logos in color


The brain reads color after it registers a shape and before it reads content. The brand color will be developed through color theory to evoke emotion, express personality and stimulate brand association


A unified and coherent company image require typography that has a unique personality and an easy legibility. Typography must be versatile to work at many sizes and through many applications.


The animated version of the identity will be part of the initial conception of the brand. Motion will enhance the essence and meaning of the identity to demonstrate a competitive difference.

Business Stationary System

Business card
Fax form