In the Pre-design Phase, we meet with you to determine the circumstances and constraints of your project. We will check building codes and obtain or prepare drawings of existing conditions. At the end of this phase the scope of work, anticipated construction cost and time schedule will be well defined.

We develop the general scope and conceptual design of the project. We arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept while exploring the most promising design solutions. We prepare a series of rough plans which show various floor plan options, detailing work flow and customer experience. We provide 3-d renderings and/or illustrations to help visualize the project.

We expand the approved schematic design studies to develop more detailed drawings illustrating other aspects of the design. The final floor plan is developed. We specify materials and finishes. We verify that the design complies with building codes and will work with engineers to design the structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.

Once you have approved the Design Development phase we submit the building plans to the city for approval. And follow the process through until you have your permit.

You will select and hire the Contractor. If you are choosing from among several Contractors, we can help to prepare bidding documents as well as invitations to bid and instructions to bidders, the conditions of the contract, and the form of agreement between you and the Contractor.

We prepare detailed shop drawings and specifications, which the Contractor and sub-contractors will use to establish actual construction cost and build the project. These drawings and specifications become part of the construction contract.

We make site visits to observe the construction to determine if the project is being built according to the plans and specifications. We review and approve the process change orders. We keep you informed of the project's progress, following the established time schedule. The Contractor is solely responsible for construction methods, techniques, schedules, and procedures.